10+ Photos Of IU Looking Like The Perfect Girlfriend Material For Everyone That’ll Make You Want To Hug Your Screen

You’ll be Jungshook with #16.

It’s no secret that IU is definitely perfect girlfriend material.

After all, famous K-Pop idols and even Korean entertainment celebrities such as BTS‘s JungkookJay Park and even Lee Dong Wook all have named her as their ideal type.

With her gorgeous visuals, kind heart, and mesmerizing voice, it’s no wonder why IU is popular among famous people. So what option does this leave her fans with?

Browsing through IU’s photos and imagining her as their ultimate girlfriend material, of course! Here are 10+ photos of IU looking like someone you’d definitely want to spend most of your days with.

1. Covering her face when you asked her what she ate to be so pretty

2. Breakfast date while travelling

3. You’re supposed to be taking pictures of the view but she’s the prettiest so you couldn’t help it

4. What human? All you see in this picture are pretty flowers

5. Pizza dates with your bae

6. Checking out the view in the middle of the night

7. Video call with her before you go to sleep

8. Casual dinner date with your girlfriend

9. Covering her face again because you called her an angel

10. IU calling you in the morning once she wakes up

11. She looked so pleased when you gave her flowers

12. Midnight snacks outside since she was badly craving

13. Ordering too much food and asking if both of you could eat it all

14. Admiring the view

15. Buying toys together

16. Being shocked and feeling your jaw drop to the ground when she sent you this “after workout” picture

IU’s so perfect that even women absolutely adore her. Check out what MAMAMOO has to say about IU on the next article below.

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