These 10+ Photos Of Jimin Rocking A Plain White Shirt Prove He Can Look Innocent But Still Dangerously Sexy At The Same Time

Hi, it’s an emergency. Cause of death? Jimin in white shirt, especially at #7.

BTS‘s Jimin loves shopping, so it’s no wonder why his fashion sense is on point.

It’s obvious that he’s keeping himself updated with the latest fashion trends. After all, his airport fashion makes him look like he just stepped out of the runway.

And while Jimin’s gorgeous outfits look outstanding on him, sometimes his best visuals can be seen whenever he’s wearing a plain white shirt.

Want to look at how Jimin manages to look innocently pure and dangerously sexy at the same time while he’s rocking a plain white shirt? Here are 10+ pictures for your viewing pleasure.

1. His white top enhances the sharpness of his jawline

2. When Jimin rocks a white shirt, #nofilter is as pretty as #withfilter

3. His dimple says hi

4. His mouth is pouting while the veins in his hands are showing

5. Every time Jimin pushes back his hair, angels in heaven sing

6. Mr. Jimin will see you now

7. The powerful dance move + the way his jawline sticks out like this + his thighs = 100% art

8. Black-haired Jimin with white top is always a good combination

9. Look at him smiling innocently while giving us a peek of his collarbone

10. His colored contacts are talking to your soul

11. Ripped jeans and a plain white shirt — total boyfriend look

12. The shades just increased the level of sexiness in this picture

13. Jimin looks like an F boy, and by this, we meant Fine Boy

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