15+ Photos That Reveal Exactly How Much BTS’s Jimin Has Wonderfully Evolved Over The Years

Only old ARMYs would remember Jimin’s look for “Just One Day” era.

BTS‘s Jimin‘s evolution throughout the years is one for the books. He started showing ARMYs his skills and drop-dead gorgeous looks during the year 2013, with his mochi cheeks that are squishy enough to squeeze…

…and he continues to serve amazing visuals in the year 2020 and counting. How has Jimin grown throughout the years? What hair colors did he have for each year? And what outfits looked the best on him for every era?

Let’s check out the photos of Jimin’s evolution, starting from debut up till the year 2020.



Don’t let his squishy cheeks fool you — this boy’s packing a powerful set of abs underneath.


“Boy in Luv”

The “school boy” concept is perfect for Jimin because of his innocent face and cute aura.

“Just One Day”

If you only had one day to spend with Jimin, what would you like to do?

Performance during MAMA 2014

This outstanding performance shocked every one in attendance. It also successfully placed Jimin in the heart of every ARMY.


“I Need U” 

This is the era when BTS finally received their first win, and Jimin’s smile expresses how happy he is with the group’s achievement.


Jimin’s look went viral during this era, with people asking for the name of the “policeman with the red hair”.



With his jet-black hair and powerful dance moves, Jimin sure knows how to set the stage on fire.

“Blood Sweat & Tears”

With their fanbase growing rapidly, Jimin captures the heart of ARMYs worldwide once again with his signature “shoulder shimmy” motion.


“Spring Day”

Spring is the season when the cherry blossoms come out to play — probably where Jimin’s hair color is inspired by.


Which one is shinier: his glittery jacket or his shimmering teeth?


“Fake Love”

BTS may be singing about fake love, but the fact that Jimin is perfect for this look is pure, absolute truth.


Jimin has proved that he can look good in anything, even colorful and “loud” blazers.


“Boy with Luv”

Jimin’s bright-colored hair makes an appearance once again for this upbeat song with a feel-good beat.

“Make It Right”

With Jimin by your side, you can be sure that everything will be all right.


“Black Swan”

A picture doesn’t do justice to the way Jimin fluidly moves his body when he performs this song, so here’s a gif for you to capture art in motion.


In their latest comeback, Jimin makes ARMYs go crazy with the return of his silver hair.