10+ Photos That Reveal How Much BTS Have Wonderfully Evolved Over The Years

A plastic surgeon even said that one of BTS’s member’s face is his favorite.

Since the debut of BTS on the year 2013, the members have wonderfully transformed in terms of their talent, skills, and their visuals.

Now, their talent and skills can be seen in the multiple awards they’ve received.

But what about in the case of their visuals?

Here are 10+ photos to reveal how much BTS have wonderfully evolved over the years:

1. RM

As a rapper, songwriter and producer, RM is also known as the group’s leader.

Although RM isn’t exactly the official “visual” member of the group, he has stolen the hearts of millions ARMYs worldwide due to his handsome and mature look.



Some ARMYs also claim that he looks like a successful lawyer or businessman.

2. Jin

Jin is the oldest member in BTS, but with his boy-next-door looks, you’d assume that this wasn’t the case.

Debuting in the group as a vocalist and a visual, Jin is one example of a timeless beauty. His visuals have been stunning since debut.




Also known as “Worldwide Handsome”, Jin makes ARMYs breathless with his gorgeous visuals.

3. Suga

Debuting with BTS as one of its rappers, Suga is proof that swag is the new sexy.

ARMYs especially love the way his eyes seem to curve when he smiles.



Even his co-members couldn’t resist his appeal.

4. J-Hope

With a jawline so sharp that it could cut like a knife, BTS‘s J-Hope is the whole package: funny, talented and handsome.

Debuting as the group’s rapper and dancer, Hoseok is also known the the mood-maker who always makes an effort to brighten the days of both his co-members and ARMYs worldwide.



Some fans have trouble concentrating because of how handsome he is.

5. V

Taehyung hid in the shadows before as BTS‘s hidden member, but when his face was revealed, it was so handsome that it allegedly caused four new fan clubs dedicated to him.

His dangerous winks have successfully melted the hearts of a million ARMYs.




V‘s visuals are out of this world — even ARMYs have trouble keeping track of his awards.

6. Jimin

One of BTS‘s endearing vocalists, Jimin has an eye smile that can take your breath away in seconds.

His trademark smirk makes you wonder if this is the same person who just looked cute a while ago — how did he manage to transform so fast?



His visuals are also described as both “handsome” and “pretty” by plastic surgeons.

7. Jungkook

Jungkook may be the youngest in the group, but his visuals are top-notch.

BTS‘s resident vocalist has won the title as the “Most Handsome Face of 2019” due to his good looks and unique personality.



ARMYs also applaud him for his dance skills and graceful body.