BTS’s Jungkook Is The Winner For ‘The Most Handsome Faces Of 2019’

Congrats to Jungkook!

TC Candler revealed this year’s Most Handsome Faces and BTS’s Jungkook took the spot for 2019. Nominations for this list started in July and closed on November 30. For five months, fans were able to vote for their favorite celebrities.





Jungkook takes the title for this year for his unique beauty and personality! BTS’s V also took this title back in 2017, proving just how handsome these boys are.




Other members on the list could also be seen with V at number 4, Jimin at number 19 and Jin at number 44.





Fans also noticed that the year V was crowned Most Handsome Face, Jungkook was named Sexiest Man. This year, Jungkook takes the title of Most Handsome Face with Taehyung taking the Sexiest Man title.





Fans also showed their support and congratulated him on the achievement!




















Congratulations to Jungkook!


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