10 Pictures Of BoA That Will Make You Scream “YAAAS”

She’s the original queen of K-Pop!

BoA is the original queen of K-Pop. A first-generation idol who paved the way as she spread the Hallyu wave to Japan and beyond, she blazed the trail for future generations. In fact, she’s still friends with many people in the J-Pop industry, including incredible vocalist Crystal Kay! Talent aside, she is also a timeless beauty who doesn’t seem to have aged a day since her debut. Here are 10pictures of BoA that will make you scream “yaaaas” because she’s such a flawless visual that your eyes will surely explode from the intensity of her beauty

1. Her MV visuals

Just look at her — she is stunning!

2. Her fresh-faced aesthetic

Even in her 30s, BoA could easily pass for someone ten years younger!


3. Her high fashion glam

While it’s not uncommon to see K-Pop idols rocking avant-garde, glam high fashion looks, BoA makes it look as easy as breathing.

4. Her radiant smile when she’s with friends

BoA’s smile is as bright as the sun, and when she’s happy there’s no doubt about it because you’ll be able to see the glow from the next city over!

5. Her professional aura

BoA is unwaveringly professional, even in the face of adversity. She has an incredibly professional aura and vibe.

6. Her youthful vibes

As we mentioned, BoA has been in the industry, like, 5ever. Look at her adorable youthful face and vibes in this picture!

7. Her starry-eyed beauty

Not to overexaggerate, but BoA is so pretty that even stars are probably jealous of her!

8. Her fierceness

One doesn’t become the long-time reigning queen of K-Pop by being meek. Don’t get it confused, BoA is nice but she’s fierce AF!

9. Her advert goddess image

As an icon and beauty, BoA can pretty much sell anything.

10. Her sporty body

BoA is an ace dancer, truly one of the best in the industry, and her body reflects that.

What are your favorite pictures of BoA? Did we include them in the article?