10+ Pictures of BTS V’s Stage Faces You Need To See Right Now

From dorky to sexy, V’s face says it all!

The man with the most handsome face in the world sure knows how to change his facial expressions. Whether he has a huge smile or exudes charisma, V’s face on stage is something everyone needs to look at.


1. “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life”

At this moment, you can see how much loves to perform on stage.


2. Dreams Come True

V’s face shines with pure elation as he accepts BTS’s award. He is living his dream!


3. Cute AF

V combines aegyo with attitude.


4. Cute AF – Part II

V takes his attitude up a notch, but still makes sure to wink.


5. Classic V

This list would be incomplete without V’s signature pose.


6. Oops!

This bashful expression just screams, “I messed up my lines, but I’m hoping no one will notice.”


7. Taehyung’s Swagger

Suga isn’t the only BTS member with swag. When he wants to, V can pull off the hip-hop vibe with style. The “I dare you” look in his eyes says it all!


8. “B***h Please.”

V may have a reputation for being bubbly and 4-D, but once in a while, he can be high-key sassy.


9. The Bad Boy

V’s cold, dangerous expression completes his bad boy outfit.


10. “I See What You Did There”

This squinty-eyed look conveys just the right amount of smugness.


11. Puppy Love

Tongue out, eyes downcast. It’s hard not to fall in love with V’s puppy-dog expression.


12. This Is My Jam!

On the other end of the V Facial Expression Spectrum, we have V’s inner rocker. He is singing with everything he’s got!


13. V Sweats Sexiness

Eyes gazing up, mouth slightly open. This seductive expression stops fans’ hearts!


14. I Love You, A.R.M.Y

V’s adorable smile bring happiness to fans around the world.