10 Pictures Of Red Velvet Yeri’s Beautiful Smile To Help You Get Through The Week

Her smile could light up a room.

Red Velvet‘s Yeri is an absolute angel and on top of being a talented singer, she’s also a successful businesswoman!


With the start of a new week upon us, what better time to share photos of Yeri’s beautiful smile to uplift you and help you get through the week? 😇

1. Yeri’s joyful smile

2. Yeri’s playful smile

3. Yeri’s glowing smile

4. Yeri’s mischievous smile

5. Yeri’s mischievous smile x1000

6. Yeri’s demure smile

7. Yeri’s warm smile

8. Yeri’s enthusiastic smile

9. Yeri’s wholesome smile

10. Yeri’s adorable smile

Isn’t she just the best? We hope your week is off to a beautiful start!

Red Velvet