10+ Times Lovelyz’ Mijoo Made Jaws Drop With Her Stunning Abs

She’s incredibly gorgeous!
It’s no secret that LovelyzMijoo is one of the most charming idols out there! From her bubbly personality to her beautiful talent, Mijoo is an all-around perfect idol! Aside from her great personality as well as her talent, Mijoo is, obviously, incredibly gorgeous! Not only does she have a beautiful face but stunningly toned abs!

1. Mijoo’s visuals are out of this world it’s hard to believe she’s even real

2. The side profile really shows how defined her abs are!

3. If pilates is the secret I’ll start right now!

4. She will always pull off a crop top with those gorgeous abs

5. Isn’t she the cutest?

6. Her hourglass figure is stunning as well

7. She looks amazing in this pictorial

8. She even landed a pictorial with Men’s Health!

9. She’s a perfect idol from visuals to talent!

10. She’s incredibly hard to look away from!

11. She truly is lovely!

12. She’s overall dreamy