Here Are The 10+ More Random Facts You Didn’t Know About BTS Until Now

Isn’t #6 the UWU-est thing? 🥰

Say… if “BTS Jeopardy” ever becomes a thing, this is meant to be your study guide! You may think you know a lot about the members, but when it comes down to the totally random facts — are you covered? Are you covered-covered? 

Without further ado, here are 10+ more random and unbelievable things you didn’t know about BTS members. That is, until now.

1. RM’s TOEIC Score

Score reports shared on “TMI News”

As a middle school student, RM had already surpassed 850 on his TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) test.

2. V’s Saxophone Skills

As a middle school student, V competed in a saxophone contest and won the south Gyeongnam province’s regional first place.

3. Jimin’s School Days

Jimin commenting on his 9 years of experience as class president

Throughout the 9 years of his school days, Jimin has served as the class president or vice president.

4. V’s City Experience

When V and his father visited Seoul, they took a cab from the bus terminal to Sinsa-dong where Big Hit Entertainment was located at the time. The driver ripped them off on the fare, usually to average around 5,600 KRW (around $5). They paid exactly 32,800 KRW (around $30).

5. Suga’s Baller Life

The 17-year-old Suga won the grand prize at the 9th Daegu City Basketball Championship and was titled “The Student To Have Made Gangbuk High School Proud”.

6. Jungkook’s Shyness

Back in the trainee days, when the teen Jungkook’s introverted personality hit its peak, he showered only after all the other members fell asleep.

7. Jin’s Pillow

Jin has a gray, striped pillow which he carries with him on trips. He received this pillow as a gift from a fan for his 26th birthday.

8. Jungkook’s Jawline

Jungkook’s attractiveness comes from the angle of 130 degrees.

9. BTS’s Favorite Birthday Cake

BTS often celebrate the members’ birthdays with this Twosome Place coffee franchise’s “Strawberry Chocolate Whipped Cream Cake”.

10. BTS’s Religion

No one in BTS is religious.

11. J-Hope’s Favorite Color

J-Hope tends to “like vivid colors” so his favorite color is green.

12. Jimin’s Childhood Dream

Young Jimin in his kendo uniform

Jimin had been deeply inspired by the Japanese manga series One Piece and started learning kendo to “become the best swordsman in the world“.

13. BTS’s Bling Mics

BTS’s blinged-out customized microphones took 4,500 Swarovski crystals to decorate, according to the artist Glowe who worked on attaching one crystal at a time.

Source: THEQOO and Twitter