10 Rappers Who Are Not Only Extremely Talented, But Also Extremely Handsome

These rappers have a little something extra.

Everyone knows rappers need to have a skill with words and swag to match, but there are some rappers who also have the looks! The below 10 Korean rappers are known for their striking visuals as well as their ability to drop the beats on stage.

1.  Gray

Gray is a rapper and producer who debuted in 2012. Over the years he has gained fame for his collaborations with independent rapper and producer Jay Park and his appearance as a judge on Show Me The Money 5. But he’s also super attractive, with warm, friendly visuals.


He is friends with Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany and in 2016 was caught up in dating rumors, which were denied by both idol’s agencies.

But it’s no surprise he’s caused a stir with the public – with a small face, large eyes and milky-white skin, he’s definitely got the boyfriend visuals down.

2. One

Rapper One was a contestant on Show Me The Money 4 and 5. He debuted with Kim Samuel as a member of the duo 1Punch in 2015, moving solo in 2017.


During filming of Show Me The Money in 2016, he was praised as one of the most handsome rappers on the show. He has since transitioned into both acting and rapping, showcasing his talents in A Korean Odyssey and Her Private Life.


3. Jay Park

Jay Park needs no introduction, being a well-known rapper, songwriter, dancer and actor.


It’s no secret that he’s also a model.


With a massively successful career as a producer and record label co-founder, it seems like he really is the whole package, possessing business smarts, smooth moves, a memorable voice and the looks!


4. Hanhae

Hanhae debuted as part of a trio known as Phantom in 2011 but made a solo comeback in 2015, featuring on HyunA‘s solo album.


He also appeared on Show Me The Money 6 in 2017.


He is known for his heart-warming smile and shy, humble personality, always seeming to worry about making mistakes and wanting to better himself.


5. The Quiett

The Quiett has been around for a long time, first debuting as a rapper in 2003 and then turning producer. He co-founded the record label Soul Company in 2004 before leaving in 2010 to form Illionaire Records with Dok2.


The most common search term associated with his name is “handsome”. His clear skin and small face are similar to a K-Pop idol’s pretty looks – and he’s a fashion icon, looking comfortable in Nike Air Jordans, sweatshirts and trendy glasses.


Source: ATK Magazine

Fans love his reserved look, but when he gets on stage he completely transforms into a ball of energy, with awesome dance moves.


6. Beenzino

Beenzino is signed under Illionaire Records and also appeared on Show Me The Money with Illionaire producers Dok2 and The Quiett.


His songs have caused controversy in the past, hinting that he was asked to join BTS before they debuted but only if he got plastic surgery.


But fans are perfectly satisfied with his looks just as they are, and his German model girlfriend Stefanie Michova thinks he’s handsome, too.


7. Simon Dominic

Simon Dominic was the co-CEO of the independent record label AOMG until he recently stepped down from the position. He is also a former member of hip-hop duo Supreme Team.


After Supreme Team’s disbandment in 2013, Simon Dominic become co-CEO of AOMG with Jay Park.


Simon Dominic, BewhY and Gray.

He released his first solo mini-album in 2015 and was a winning producer on Show Me The Money 5 in 2016 BewhY and Gray. 


8. Loco

Loco was the first Show Me The Money winner in 2012 and is signed under AOMG.


Over the years, he has gained massive popularity for his rapping skills and adorable personality.


Plus, his cute smile drives fans wild!


He works closely with Jay Park and Gray and the three together is a visual feast.


9. Giriboy

Giriboy is known for his super cute antics off stage but his promotional visuals are smooth as.


He has been around since 2011 when he signed with Just Music Entertainment, a label founded by Swings.


He appeared on Show Me The Money 3 in 2014 and shot to fame for his super charming smile, killer raps and cute laugh. He displayed his talent for composing when he collaborated in 2015 with contestants on No Mercy, (who later formed Monsta X) with established artists Soyou and Mad Clown. He has become renowned for his producing talent on songs like “FLEX” and “DDING”.


10. Xitsuh

Xitsuh was a Show Me The Money 5 contestant where he made it to the top 6.


The 26-year-old gained a lot of attention during the broadcast for his flower-like features.


He released his first solo album in 2018, with his title single “4am” featuring Bada Lee.

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