10 Reactions to BTS’s Cover Of Coldplay’s “Fix You” That Sum Up The Feels

“They really did fix us.” 🥺

BTS appeared on MTV Unplugged yesterday and performed songs from their latest album BE, such as “Life Goes On”, “Blue and Grey,” “Dynamite,” and “Telepathy.” They also sang the hit song “Fix You” by British rock band Coldplay. Their cover has been trending online and has received praise from not just ARMY but also Coldplay themselves and their fans. Here are 10 tweet reactions that sum up all our feels.

1. When we went from crying to SOBBING.

2. NAMJIN blowing us away with their vocals!

3. BRB– can’t stop crying.

4. Legends support legends.

5. Fandoms coming together.

6. Realizing BTS actually sang even higher than the original 😳

7. Coldplay loving BTS just as much as the rest of us.

8. Listening to it 24/7

9. Even Forbes is obsessed.

10. Realizing BTS really did “fix us” 😭

This will definitely be a cover we’ll remember from years to come. You can watch the full video below.


Source: @bts_bighit