10 Reactions To BTS Jimin’s “Like Crazy” Topping Billboard 100 That Are Way Too Real

He changed the course of history tonight.

BTS‘s Jimin just brought the world to a halt with his album’s latest achievement. “Like Crazy,” the title track of Face, was just announced to have landed the #1 position on the Billboard 100 chart, making Jimin the first and only Korean artist to win this accolade.

So, how is the world reacting to this historical milestone? Here are some of the reactions online that pretty much sum it up:

1. The OGs showed up before anyone else.

2. When you shoot for the stars and land in an even bigger star.

3. Jin might not have his phone on him right now, but his spirit is unstoppable.

4. There’s no other way to explain his slay.

5. The Biblically accurate reaction to this news.

6. Jimin’s got a personal hype boy.

7. ARMYs, you broke the man.

8. Minstadamus is back in business.

9. It’s hard not to root for Jimin like crazy.

10. Get up on your feet, it’s HALLELUJAH time.


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