10 Realest ARMY Reactions To BTS Jimin’s Video Call Fansign Announcement

#3 is the most creative solution, tbh.

On February 22, BIGHIT MUSIC announced that a select lucky fans who purchase BTS Jimin‘s upcoming album through Weverse Global shop will get to talk to the singer face to face through a brief video-call fanmeet on March 30. The news immediately sent the fandom into a frenzy.

| @j.m/Instagram

People’s reactions ranged from being devastated over having no chance of winning that call to hilarious hypotheses about what they would do if they end up winning. Here are ten tweets that truly capture the effect a Jimin fan call has on the internet:

1. Hurt people hurt people 😔.

2. Stuff like this tears families apart.

3. That’s…one way to handle the situation.

4. Jimin has that effect on people.

5. Seize the moment and shoot your shot.

6. Not to be a tinfoil hat, but this theory makes sense.

7. It’s not like you can just stare right at Jimin for two minutes straight.

8. These could be solutions to #7

9. He’s actually chaotic enough to do this

10. It will be hard to get through the day without praying for someone’s downfall.

Jimin’s first solo album Face will be out on March 24, at 1 PM, KST.