10 Reasons Why BTS’s V Deserves To Be In The Rap Line

He has all the qualifications, and more.

After five years, BTS‘s vocalist became an official member of the dance line, so what’s next for him? The rap line, of course! Here are 10 reasons why he deserves to have his rapper dreams come true.

1. His love for the “Cypher” series is second only to his love…

2. …for the rap liners

3. He never misses an opportunity to show off his rap skills

Fan meeting?


Backstage? He will rap anywhere, any time!

4. He has already proven himself as a hype man

Whenever BTS’s rappers do their thing, V is there to hype them up…

…and cheer them on!

5. The look? The swag? He’s got it all.

6. He has the rap line’s entire discography memorized (probably).

V is not just fan.

He is the fan!

7. Many rap songs drop f-bombs, but that doesn’t phase him

When Jimin played Lauv‘s song “Modern Loneliness” in a live stream, he cutely censored the lyrics, “but f**k, I’m still so empty” by making a bleh-bleh-blah noise over the expletive.

Unlike Jimin, V bopped along to DaBaby‘s “BOP” without a care in the world. “What’s your name? Get the f**k out the spot, n**ga (get the f**k)”.

J-Hope has also jammed to f-bombs during live broadcasts, so this must be a rap line thing!

8. Fans would love to see more of V’s Dark & Wild side on stage…

9. …because Ddaeng!

10. He just really, really wants to be a rapper. Okay?