The Inspiring Story Of How BTS’s V Became A Lead Dancer

Here’s how he joined BTS’s dance line.

Today, BTS‘s V is as known for his dance skills as he is for his vocals, but it wasn’t always that way.

Let’s begin by traveling back in time to November 2011 when Kim Taehyung, an ordinary teen from Daegu, first became known to Big Hit Entertainment. Although V has always had a passion for music, he attended the audition to support a friend who wished to become an idol.

An executive at the audition noticed V and encouraged him to audition as well. V ended up making it to the next round of auditions and soon became a trainee.

In late 2012, BTS’s members began posting video logs on their BangtanTV YouTube channel to connect with fans and share their progress. V, who was BTS’s hidden member, was not known to the public until much later.

When BTS debuted in 2013, V’s official position was “vocalist”, and fans soon fell in love with his soulful voice. Although his dance skills did not go unnoticed, it would be years before they were officially recognized.

Over the next five years, V worked tirelessly to hone his dance skills. Here he is in 2013, dancing to “We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2” in sync with J-Hope

…”War of Hormone” in 2014…

…and “Dope” at M Countdown in 2015.

In this 2016 gif, V takes center stage at the 2015 KBS Song Festival and nails the choreography for Chase & Status‘ “Hypest Hype”.

In 2017, BTS’s choreography was more difficult than ever, but V owned this “DNA” performance.

By 2018, V’s dancing had improved dramatically, becoming noticeably more polished and precise, as seen in his “Singularity” solo. He was made an official member of BTS’s dance line as a lead dancer during their Love Yourself: Tear promotions.

After “Singularity” was released, V’s skills were also publicly acknowledged by BTS’s dance director Son Sung Deuk. In the caption of this Instagram post, he wrote,Taehyung-ie~” with the hashtags #BTS, #singularity, and #NowOfficiallyPartOfDanceLine.  

Now the only question is, when will V join the rap line?


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