10 Reasons Why We Keep Forgetting That BTS Are Actually Rich AF

BTS’s members are multi-millionaires… but you’d never know it.

BTS‘s members are now rich enough to buy million dollar apartments in cash, but it’s still easy to forget that these fun-loving stars are actually loaded. Here are 10 reasons why.

1. Jungkook bought a 1.7 million dollar apartment, but he’d rather live in this closet

2. They still get excited about free snacks

3. Speaking of snacks, they will never not fight over a bag of chips

4. On Bon Voyage, they tell people they’re poor and beg for free food

5. They also beg for money

6. Suga, the same man who bought a 3 million dollar apartment, pocketed this free mirror

7. They still bicker over little things like kitchen scissors

8. They were way too excited to win this ramen cooker…

…which was way too fancy for Suga!

9. Jin wasn’t about to let himself get charged double for an extra scoop of ice cream

10. These multi-millionaires have broken records, won prestigious awards, and sold out arenas all over the world…and they still play games like this!


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