10 Reasons Why Red Velvet’s Wendy Deserves All The Love In The World

Happy birthday, dearest Wendy!

In case you didn’t know, Red Velvet‘s Wendy is celebrating her birthday today! Here are 10 reasons why she deserves all the love in the world to celebrate her day!

1. She’s extremely talented

As the main vocal of Red Velvet, we can expect no less from Wendy because she will always amaze the audience with her powerful voice!

2. She is very caring

Wendy is a very caring person, and it is very evident in the way she interacts with her members. She’s always attentive to their needs and tries to help them satisfy it, even down to the littlest things!

3. She is very intelligent

Wendy made a guest appearance in Problematic Men where she revealed her school report card and flaunted her high grades!

4. She has the cutest aegyo

Perhaps, one of the cutest aegyos out there, especially for Reveluvs, Wendy’s natural talent of being cute can surely make anyone fall for her! Her embarrassed reactions after doing aegyo are surely cute too!

5. She always reassures fans she’s there for them

Wendy always makes sure that Reveluvs know that she, and Red Velvet are always there for them!

6. She makes sure she constantly interacts with Reveluvs

With today’s modern technology, it isn’t that challenging for idols to talk and catch up with fans. Wendy uses this advantage and makes sure she holds regular Instagram lives to catch up with Reveluvs!

7. She has the best humor

Wendy is surely one of the funniest among the members of Red Velvet! She can easily make anyone laugh!

8. She has a gorgeous smile

Wendy is not only talented, she is also really pretty! Her pretty smile is one of the reasons why many fans are so drawn to her.

9. Her Canadian accent

Because Wendy grew up in Canada, her accent when speaking in English is very noticeable and cute! She is also able to communicate well with global fans because of her ability to speak in English!

10. She loves Reveluvs a lot

Whenever Wendy interacts with Reveluvs or meets them through concerts, it is evident how much they mean to her. She always works hard to give them a good and unforgettable time!

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