10 Most Relatable Fan Reactions To BLACKPINK’s Jisoo New Blonde Hair

Finally, we are blessed with blonde Jisoo

It’s true that the members of BLACKPINK look stunning in whatever hair color or cut they try; however, BLINKs are especially going crazy about Jisoo‘s gorgeous new blonde locks! To celebrate the new look, BLINKs have taken to social media to share their excitement and reactions.

10+ most relatable fan reactions to BLACKPINK Jisoo new blonde hair

1. It’s truly hard to believe

2. This was my actual reaction

3. She’s always blessing us

4. Jisoo really made everyone’s heart explode with this gorgeous selfie

5. She’s truly the perfect idol

6. Happy we have the real deal now

7. The members of BLACKPINK are always

8. We’ve been missing out all these years!

9. “Jisoo” trends no matter what she does

10. We’ll do anything for a blonde Jisoo