10+ Most Relatable Fan Reactions To The “Neck Kiss” Scene In “The King: Eternal Monarch” Episode

#9 just said what everyone was thinking when they saw this “neck kiss” scene.

Ever since the Korean drama The King: Eternal Monarch premiered…

…it has already faced multiple criticisms from netizens because of “excessive marketing” and also because some fans believed that the drama had “subpar quality computer graphics”.

But when the drama aired its 12th episode this week…

…viewers couldn’t help but react positively to the “neck kiss” scene between the two characters portrayed by Lee Minho and Kim Goeun. Here are 10+ of the most relatable reactions — pick your favorite!

1. He isn’t called “the King” for nothing, right?

2. Give her some air, please

3. Giving a new meaning to the word “mukbang

4. It’s so easy to type in your innermost thoughts and share them with the rest of the internet, huh?

5. Fans are requesting for more screen time

6. #littlethingsthatmakemehappy

7. He did a full 180, baby~

8. Bless your heart, dear viewer

9. Are you prepared to press the “play” button now?

10. Can you blame him, though?

11. Cause of death? The King, episode 12

12. Here’s the best reaction yet

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