Top 10 Hottest And Steamiest Kissing Scenes Of Park Seo Joon That Will Make Your Whole Body Blush

Is #1 the hottest, or is it #6? Or #10? Let us know which number you liked the most — prepare water to quench your thirst, okay?

Korea’s superstar Park Seo Joon is undoubtedly one of the greatest actors in the Korean entertainment scene today.

He can definitely act well, as you can see from the various roles he has played so far…

…but can he really kiss well, too?

Check out these ten steamiest kissing scenes of Park Seo Joon today and be the judge yourself.

You’re most welcome!

1. Confession Kiss

Who could ever forget this sensual scene when the both of them finally became true to their feelings and expressed their love for each other?

2. “I-love-you-like-crazy” Kiss

When a timid person finally realizes that he’s truly, deeply and madly in love with his best friend, this kind of giddy kiss happens.

3. Savior Kiss

If you’ve ever wanted to kiss a handsome guy after being humiliated, then swapping places with Ji Yeon should be on your bucket list.

4. Make-up Kiss

You know what they say — sometimes, the kiss after an argument with your partner may be the steamiest yet, and as you can see below, this statement may be accurately describing these two.

5. “I-want-you-back” Kiss

Be careful of a clingy old girlfriend. You don’t want to end up like Dong Ha and get taken aback when your ex kisses you like this, right?

6. Against-the-wall Kiss

This kiss shared by Hye Jin and Sung Joon is extremely passionate: the pushing back against the wall motion, the intense stare before the kiss, and the kiss itself are all beautiful works of art that fully shows the deep longing of their characters for each other.

7. Healing Kiss

Park Seo Joon shows a different side to his kissing style here: it’s still steamy, but it’s more of an endearing kiss that expresses his affection to the apple of his eye.

8. Equal Kiss

This one is a beautiful kiss because even though Young Joon kissed Mi So and touched her neck, Mi So kissed him back and touched his hand as a sign that both of them have equally wanted this moment for so long.

9. Beer Kiss

Every Korean drama has a beer-drinking scene, and this one is no exception. The only difference here is that the two leads decided to drink with each other, instead of with their friends, so this happened.

10. “I’ll-never-lose-you-again” Kiss

Fifteen years of love, affection and longing are encapsulated in this endearing and romantic kiss scene between these two lovers.

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