These 10+ Relatable Tweets By ARMYs With Boyfriends Will Make You Extremely Mad Or Super Happy For Them

#7’s honest tweet about BTS is guaranteed to make you cackle loudly.

Even since BTS‘s Suga playfully mentioned that ARMYs are the girlfriends of the group, fans have been playing along to his joke.

And while some ARMYs have real-life partners who support them in their love for BTS, some ARMYs…do not.

Remember what RM said as an advice?

Here are 10+ relatable tweets of ARMYs who are in a relationship — you’ll either get super mad or super happy for them!

1. When your love for BTS is bigger than the love for your boyfriend

Being an ARMY is a full-time job, after all.

2. Why you gotta do her like that, sis?

3. You know someone’s a keeper when he wholeheartedly supports you

4. As V has once said, please love all seven of them

5. BTS raising the standards so high, as it should be

6. Sometimes, having common interests in a relationship is a requirement

7. Wait, no one asked to be attacked this way!

8. If only you knew how many ARMYs have the same situation, Jimin

9. This is so pure

10. When your boyfriend loves BTS more than he loves you

11. That’s what we call “respect”

For ARMYs who aren’t in a relationship right now, it’s perfectly okay. After all, you already have seven wonderful, talented men who are not afraid to show you how much they love you.