10+ Ridiculously Cute Moments Of IU Enjoying Her Food That’ll Make You Want To Cook Ramen In The Middle Of The Night

#4 once trended in Korea because of how adorable she looked like — and #7 is relatable AF, though!

When it comes to enjoying delicious food, top celebrity IU sure knows how to get it done!

Perhaps this is the reason why she has hundreds of eating endorsements under her belt — it’s because she still looks breathtakingly beautiful, even when she’s doing something so simple as eating food.

With her plump cheeks, innocent smile and sparkling eyes that let you know if the food tastes good enough for her or not, IU’s way of eating looks good enough that you may just be convinced to cook ramen in the middle of the night because of her.

Think you can resist the temptation to eat?

Here are 10+ moments of IU enjoying food that’ll make you crave for yummy snacks in the middle of the night.

1. You know a food tastes good when her eyes widen in joy

2. Here you can see an actual angel enjoying a meal

3. Just how yummy is it? Let IU’s eyes show you

4. Her adorable face and cute expression made this moment of hers trend in Korea

5. IU takes everything seriously, including eating

6. Her smile alone says how much she enjoyed it

7. The way she eats here is relatable AF

8. IU’s chewing style is pure UwU content


9. Enjoy your food, IU — you deserve it!


10. Her innocent face encourages you to feed her more


11. How to make IU smile? Feed her delicious food

12. This is the only way to eat chicken with chopsticks, after all


13. Her little thumbs-up at the end? Pure perfection

14. Rice balls are cute, but not as cute as IU when she’s eating them

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