8 Touching Moments When BTS’s Jungkook Fed Jimin That Will Warm Your Cold Heart For At Least Five Minutes

Jungkook’s pout at #7 is too cute and too pure for this world.

Ever since BTS‘s Jimin admitted to going on an extreme starvation diet to lose weight, the group’s maknae Jungkook followed him in order to make him realize how unhealthy his diet was for him.

Perhaps this is the reason why Jungkook makes it a point to always feed Jimin whenever he has the chance — so that something like this wouldn’t ever happen again?

Regardless of his reasoning behind it, the truth is that Jungkook truly loves feeding his hyung, and here are eight adorable moments to prove this!

1. He cuts the steak for Jimin

At first, Jungkook was cutting his steak so he can eat already…

…but when he realized that Jimin loved eating them, he just smiled sweetly and let Jimin eat as much as he wanted.

2. You can hear Jungkook calling Jimin to eat

He makes sure to always tell Jimin to eat on time so that he doesn’t feel lethargic.

3. Making a huge pancake stack for him

Jungkook lovingly cooked a lot of pancakes, and you would think that he made these for all the members, but the truth is, they were all for Jimin alone.

When Jimin asked why he received all these pieces of pancake for breakfast, Jungkook simply said that it’s because he had to do the penalties so he needed to eat for energy.

4. Telling Jimin to try a snack

Sure, he tasted the snack first…

…but when Jimin approached him…

…he immediately gave him the snack and told him to try it out, too.

5. The audacity of this maknae 

Jungkook would go to great lengths just to feed Jimin — yes, he even risked the wrath of one of BTS’s scariest members when angry, J-Hope, just so he could give the food to Jimin.

6. It’s automatic — almost like a reflex

Every time Jimin opens his mouth to receive food…

…Jungkook simply feeds him. They’ve already mastered this complicated dance!

7. Poor baby

Remember how cutely he pouted when Jimin accidentally ignored him when he was trying to feed him?

8. Actions are better than words

Since Jimin lost in a bet, he could only eat his meal after and Jungkook finished eating.

Jungkook playfully told V to eat slowly so that they could savor the taste of the food.

But you can actually see him eating fast so that Jimin could eat already.

What a sweet maknae, indeed!

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