These 12 Soft Moments When BTS’s Jimin Obviously Enjoyed Embracing Jungkook And V Will Make You Wish You Were Him

#5 and #11 will make you think these boys are starring in a famous K-Drama series.

It’s obvious that the skinship actions between BTS members aren’t just because of fan-service: these boys actually love and sincerely care for each other.

And while all the members have their fair share of cuddling, hand-touching and embracing, the maknae line consisting of VJimin and Jungkook stands out because of the way they interact — their joyful facial expressions and satisfied smiles are proof that they enjoy skinship immensely.

Here are 12 soft moments of the Jimin hugging the rest of the maknae line. Warning: this list will make you wish you were Jimin instead!

1. Their shimmering outfits would make you think they were practicing a disco dance…

…but looking at the way Jungkook is holding Jimin, you’d be delighted to know that he’s actually being embraced by Jimin.

2. Of course, V isn’t one to be left behind

They’re soulmates and best friends, after all.

3. If this isn’t bliss, I don’t know what is

4. Jimin sure knows how to give back

After receiving a back-hug from Jungkook…

…Jimin proves he’s a stand-up guy by giving Jungkook a warm embrace, too.

5. This is the game of trust

With no advance coordination with each other, Jimin decided to run up to V…

…and V instinctively caught him in his arms!

6. Jungkook’s expression says it all

7. What do Jimin and Olaf have in common?

They both love giving and receiving warm hugs.

8. Everyone wanted to have a piece of the Jimin pie

9. When these two are interacting, it’s like they’re the only ones who exist

Just look at the way they do skinship with each other — it’s so natural and effortlessly.

10. Jimin’s slightly shorter than V…

…but his arms are the perfect length for fully hugging him.

11. Remember that famous scene in K-Drama?

It’s actually based off of these duo’s antics in real life.

12. Sometimes, the best way to show someone you’re proud of them is by giving them a warm hug