10 Pictures Of SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan That Will Make You Fall In Love With Him

Seungkwan is king of spoiling Carats with pictures of himself!

SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan is always spoiling fans with pictures of him, and Carats fall even more in love with him with every photo he puts out.

Here are 10 selfies of Seungkwan that you need to see!

1. Blue Boo

Seungkwan posted this photo of him wearing a blue top with a low neck line that highlights his great figure!

2. Mirror selfie time!

Seungkwan snaps a quick mirror selfie and shares it to fans!

3. Seungkwan (Ft. Bookeu)

Bookeu joins Seungkwan for a photo that radiates so much cuteness! Seungkwan’s love and fondness for Bookeu is evident in the photo!

4. Seungkwan and his favorite Iced Americano!

Seungkwan is seen posing for the camera with his go-to drink, iced americano! Seungkwan posted this beautiful shot taken by fellow SEVENTEEN member Mingyu!

5. Baby Boo!

This selfie of Seungkwan was posted in early 2017, and Seungkwan has changed so much since then, but this old photo of him will always bring joy to Carats’ hearts!

6. Seungkwan’s Candid Pose

Seungkwan looks sexy in this photo with his facial expression and even teasing fans through showing a bit of his biceps!

7. Black-haired Seungkwan

Seungkwan blessed Carats when he posted a selfie of him with subtle facial expressions and natural-colored black hair!

8. Seungkwan Mirror Selfie 2.0!

Seungkwan posted this selfie of him looking amazing at night making sure he sends Carats off to a good night’s sleep!

9. Seungkwan’s got the perfect lock screen for you!

Making sure that Carats have a nice-looking lockscreen, Seungkwan posted this photo and was considerate enough to leave a huge portion of head room so that you can have the perfect Boo Seungkwan lock screen! Seungkwan’s amazing body proportions can also be seen in this photo which makes Carats’ hearts flutter!

10. Wink from Seungkwan!

Seungkwan in comfy pajamas and winking at Carats to give them nothing but sweet dreams as they go to bed!