10 Sexiest Outfits BTS Jungkook Wore That Live in ARMY’s Minds Rent-Free

One particular song got 4 sexy outfits for it!

BTS Jungkook has often been complimented for his unbelievable body proportions, the perfect blend of lean strength and muscle bulk in the right places. Styling him for performances and MV shoots can’t be too hard because he looks good in anything, but the stylists have consistently understood their assignment and highlighted his best assets.

Here are ten of the sexiest outfits Jungkook ever wore for his MVs and concert performances.

1. The Deep Vee-Neck Black Inner Shirt

This deep neckline showed Jungkook’s toned abs and sculpted chest during their performance of “Blood, Sweat, and Tears.” Add to this his fierce facial expression that truly exudes an alluring vibe.

2. The all-black ensemble worn during “Pied Piper” and “Dimple” performances

Who will ever forget “Pied Piper” Jungkook? Jungkook broke the internet with this black shirt and skinny jeans, crooning most dreamily one minute then raising heartbeats with his body rolls the next. His long hair in soft waves further enhanced this iconic look. Truly a classic outfit worn during that memorable “5th Muster: Magic Shop Concert” in Busan.

3. The lacy see-through top

“Black Swan” is not the typical EDM or dance bop BTS usually dances to. Deviating from their comfort zone with the seductive moves of this choreography more than did justice to the song, and so did their outfits. Jungkook was noticed for this lacy see-through black top that fit him like a second skin.

4. The silk teal shirt with black jeans

This teal silk shirt tucked into skinny black jeans looked so enticing on Jungkook, while the jeans highlighted his long legs as he performed with the other members the song “Let Go.” The way the lighting seemed to change the color of the shirt added to the allure.

5. Black mesh top for “The Tonight Show.”

Performing Black Swan for the first time in Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show,”  Jungkook pulled all stops with the black mesh top that practically showed his whole torso, plus the man-bun everyone went wild for. This was one look that definitely trended over Twitter.

6. The red and black set with animal print inner shirt for “My Time.”

Jungkook once said he wanted to do a sexy solo number in one of their concerts, and he delivered with his “My Time”  performance at the “Map of the Soul ON: E” concert on Day 2. The exposed chest, brushed back hair, flowy outer shirt, and the animal print top did underscore the sexy theme of his performance perfectly.

7. The Alexander McQueen fitted coat

This flawlessly tailored coat looked sleek and elegant on Jungkook, matched with black trousers tucked into knee-length black boots. This ensemble was worn for “Black Swan” and “Fake Love” performances. It was solid styling, except for the buttons incident that got everyone thirsty. The infamous wardrobe malfunction happened during the “Fake Love” performances in both PTD Los Angeles and Las Vegas concerts, when Jungkook’s movements were too big for the coat to remain closed. No one complained, though.

8. Peek-a-boo sleeves that showed his tattoos

Jungkook’s tattoos have always fascinated ARMYs. To this day, his entire sleeve tattoo still has not seen the light of day during their live performances. However, on the “BTS 6th Muster Sowozoo Concert,” Jungkook gave viewers a pretty good peek at his tattoo sleeve through the jacket with peek-a-boo sleeves he wore during Day 1.  Jungkook’s smoldering gaze as he moved during the “Idol” intro, on top of the tattoo-flitting sleeve appearance, justified the euphoric response to this outfit.

9.  Black top replacement for the Alexander McQueen Coat.

Due to the two wardrobe malfunctions with the Alexander McQueen coat that happened during their PTD Los Angeles and Las Vegas concerts, Jungkook’s top for “Black Swan” and “Fake Love” numbers was replaced. Although the previous coat was sorely missed, this replacement showed some skin without any wardrobe malfunction. The top was cropped and fitted to his body, showing off his flawless abs and tapered waist.

10. The scoop-necked tank top for “ON.”

Mayhem ensued when “ON Kinetic Manifest Film: Come Prima” was released. The hard-hitting choreography, edgy styling, and the naked chest of Jungkook showing whenever his movements shifted his tank top was worth all the fuss.

Bonus:  The white tank top for “ON” opening performance

This white tank top with interesting holes to show Jungkook’s chest muscles was an instant hit during the “Permission To Dance On Stage” concert. The white jacket and trousers, with the white boots, completed a fierce look that complimented Jungkook’s mint green hair fabulously.

Can you recall other sexy outfits Jungkook wore?