10+ Sexiest Outfits Of Taeyeon Ever

When Taeyeon appeared on stage wearing this, fans jaws dropped.

1. This Gorgeous Choker, Flannel, and Fish-Net Combo

2. This Colorful Look With Her Midriff!

3. The Rocket Style Outfit From “Lion Heart”

4. She Shined Like A Sparkling Diamond In This Unbelievable Number

5. The Iconic Look From The “Lady Marmalade” Stage

6. This Princess But With A Twist Look 

7. This Other Iconic “Mr. Taxi” Outfit

8. That Time She Wore This Unbelievable Gown (never be over it)

9. This Simple White Outfit

10. 100% Yes To Everything About This

11. This Just Couldn’t Be Left Off The List

12. This Stunning Outfit That’s Just Mind-Blowingly Hawt

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