10 Of The Shortest Boy Group Dancers Who Prove You Don’t Need To Be Tall To Own The Stage

Height is just a number.

To be an amazing K-Pop dancer, you need to be able to fill a whole stage with your presence. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be tall to stand out. These 10 main and lead boy group dancers may not quite meet the average height for South Korean men (174cm, or 5ft 8.5in), but they still have no trouble owning the stage.

1. Lee Know (Stray Kids)

Stray Kids’ Lee Know is 172cm tall (5ft 7.5in) and widely considered to be one of the best dancers in the group.

Known for his powerful moves and versatility across numerous styles, Lee Know owns the stage with clean and precise moves—particularly in his footwork.

2. Felix (Stray Kids)

Another talented member of Stray Kids’s dance line, Felix is 171cm tall (5ft 7in).

One thing Felix excels at is controlling his body. He never under-dances or over-dances, owning the stage with moves that are perfectly placed.

3. Bang Chan (Stray Kids)

Stray Kids is full of impressive dancers, with 171cm-tall (5ft 7in) Bang Chan making the list too.

Out of all the Stray Kids members, Bang Chan excels at strength in his dancing. Plus, his alluring facial expressions make him own the stage even more.

4. Ten (NCT)

At 172cm tall (5ft 7.5in), Ten is one of the best dancers in NCTU, WayV, and SuperM.

He has the flexibility and grace of a classical dancer, expressing each element of the choreography in his own way. The small details he pays attention to own every stage he graces.

5. Choi Hyunsuk (TREASURE)

Another group filled with incredible dancers is TREASURE. One of the best dancers in the TREASURE is definitely Choi Hyunsuk, who is 171cm (5ft 7in) tall.

The way he puts his own flair on every move without ruining the angles of the choreography is just one way he owns the stage.

6. Mashiho (formerly of TREASURE)

Another amazing dancer in TREASURE is Mashiho, who is 169cm (5ft 6.5in) tall. Unfortunately, he recently left TREASURE.

One of Mashiho’s key strengths is his upper body control, executing arm and torso moves with expert precision. His naturally charming facial expressions and groovy style only help him own the stage more.

7. Bang Yedam (formerly of TREASURE)

Of course, you can’t forget TREASURE’s Bang Yedam at 172cm (5ft 7.5in) tall. He also recently left TREASURE to pursue producing.

From smooth transitions to sharp popping, his energy is always perfectly matched to each TREASURE song. He’s been owning the stage since day one with his dance lines, and he will do for years to come.

8. Wooyoung (ATEEZ)

At 173cm (5ft 8in) tall, Wooyoung is part of ATEEZ’s performer line.

For a natural-born dancer like Wooyoung, owning the stage probably comes easily. One of his biggest strengths is the way he executes his body locks with power and control.

9. Daehwi (AB6IX)

Since his time in Wanna One, AB6IX’s lead dancer Daehwi (172cm or 5ft 7.5in tall) has been owning the stage with his moves.

One unique thing about Daehwi’s dancing that many fans have noticed is how he expresses the right emotions at the right times through his dynamics.

10. Hui (Pentagon)

Last but certainly not least is Pentagon’s lead dancer Hui, who is 171cm (5ft 7in) tall.

As one of K-Pop’s most prolific producers, it’s no surprise that Hui knows how to internalize music and express it through dance. He’s even been known to help all members own the stage by participating in choreographing dances.

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