10 Sinfully Sexy Photos Of MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Showing Off Her Abs Guaranteed To Make You Yell “Hot Damn!”

You thought you can survive this? Not until you see #8, surely.

MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul is such a girl crush — not just because of her smooth style of rapping using her deep, raspy voice…

…but also because of her drop-dead gorgeous visuals…

…and perfectly fit body.

Case in point: her defined abs that make her rock any outfit and make it into her own! Here are ten dangerously sexy photos of Moonbyul’s abs for your viewing pleasure today.

1. Look at how defined her ab muscles are

2. Her stage outfit perfectly shows her great body proportions, too

3. Jawline + tattoo + abs = destruction of MooMoos

4. She tried to pull her clothing down, but her abs really wanted to expose themselves

5. Daring in an all-black outfit, indeed

6. How can someone look so effortlessly sexy?

7. Props to their dance choreographer for this move

8. Before you look at this, drink plenty of water for your thirst

9. Her smile says she knows just how much power she has over MooMoos

10. She’s covered from head to toe — aside from her abs, of course

Bonus: cheeky grin with a satisfied expression on her face

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