10 Of The Smoothest R&B Tracks You’ve Ever Heard From Red Velvet

Red Velvet has one great discography!

Red Velvet are known to have one of the most diverse discographies in K-Pop! Fondly dubbed “Queen of B-Sides” by fans, they can go from their hard-hitting pop, “Red” sides, to a suave reggae tone, and then end with a soft, smooth R&B tune that truly showcases their “Velvet” personas.

In light of their great music, here is a list of Red Velvet’s top 10 (in no particular order) R&B tracks for the smoothest jam session ever!


1) Bad Boy

“Bad Boy” was the title track of Red Velvet’s 2018 repackaged album, The Perfect Red Velvet, and its a smooth, R&B laced track that stood as a game-changer in their already diverse discography. It served as a shift in their image, moving them to a more mature, darker side that they hadn’t visited before.


2) Body Talk

“Body Talk” is a B-side track from their 2017 mini-album Rookie. While their Rookie comeback as a whole leaned more to their “Red” side, the album had a few slower, mid-tempo tracks in it, with “Body Talk” being one of them. The smooth tune, with Red Velvet’s perfect vocals makes this song a must-add to your list!


3) Kingdom Come

“Kingdom Come” is a B-side from their 2017 second full album, Perfect Velvet. Described as a track with a gentle beat and soft melody, this song will entrap you with its relaxed vibes, and Wendy‘s extended note at the closing of the song will give you goosebumps.


4) Perfect 10

“Perfect 10”, from the same album as “Kingdom Come” is a slow, smooth song that showcases the members incredible vocal ranges—you’ll be shocked at how all the high notes and the low tones together will have you hooked!


5) Automatic

“Automatic” was released as one of the double title tracks from the group’s first mini album in 2015, Ice Cream Cake. It was one of the earliest examples of the group’s dual side concept, and fans absolutely loved the chill music, gorgeous visuals and amazing choreography!

Fun fact: Yeri once revealed that she’d never worn high heels in her life until she had to wear them for the music video of “Automatic”!


6) One Of These Nights

“One Of These Nights” was the title track of their 2016 mini album The Velvet. It served as their first “Velvet” side title track, with a heavy R&B focus. The track is described to be an R&B Ballad song, with a polished rhythm. Lyrically, it details the story of two lovers that have to separate, but don’t want to. They eventually part, but with the promise to meet again, “One Of These Nights.”


7) Cool Hot Sweet Love

“Cool Hot Sweet Love” is also from the The Velvet mini album, and served as the group’s B-side single that they promoted on music shows, along with “One Of These Nights”. The song has an impressive beat, and even more impressive choreography to follow!


8) Be Natural

“Be Natural” was the second of Red Velvet’s debut singles, along with “Happiness”. Their first “Velvet” side single ever, it is a remake of their now-disbanded label mates, S.E.S‘s song. The song has an R&B vibe, but is also laced with heavy Jazz elements, as well as Soul. The song features a rap verse from NCT 127‘s Taeyong (still a trainee back then), and he brings to the song a smooth hip-hop vibe as well!


9) Eyes Locked, Hands Locked

“Eyes Locked, Hands Locked” is a B-side track from one of the group’s most recent albums, The ReVe Festival: Day 2. A track that is smoothness and suavity galore, it’ll have you relaxed as you listen to a deep love song that will have you on complete lockdown!


10) Light Me Up

“Light Me Up” is the third track on this list from their The Velvet mini album! As the whole album laid a heavy emphasis on the smooth and soft “Velvet” side, its no surprise that a lot of the songs came from The Velvet. “Light Me Up” is one of their more peppy R&B tracks, and showcases Red Velvet’s amazing vocals to the fullest!

Fun fact: At their La Rouge tour last year, Wendy shook things up a bit as she changed the chorus line from “Oh boy, come and light me up” to “Oh girl, come and light me up”; we stan a woke queen!


Red Velvet has such great music!

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