Red Velvet’s Wendy Made Crowds Scream When She Sang Her Way Through The Ultimate Female Fanservice

Wendy stans, you doing okay?

Red Velvet‘s Wendy certainly got all the fans riled up at their concert!

Red Velvet recently held their third solo tour La Rouge in Seoul on November 23 and 24. The concert was filled with beautiful and energetic performances, along with the most adoring fans cheering their favorite girls on!

For one of the performances, Wendy sang the group’s song “Light Me Up” as a solo jazz performance. The huge crowd of fans were already hyped up, but when the chorus came along, it hit so different that it made them go absolutely wild!

The original lyrics of the chorus of “Light Me Up” begin with,


Oh boy, come and light me up”


Wendy, however, decided to change up the lyrics in the spirit of female fan service, and made it into,


Oh girl, come and light me up


Teasing her fans with the new lyrics and a lip bite, said fans were understandably all riled up over Wendy’s serenade!


What a tease you are, Wendy!

Red Velvet