10+ Viral Moments From Stray Kids’ “MANIAC” Concerts In Seoul That STAYs Will Remember Forever

STAYs won’t forget these anytime soon!

Stray Kids recently held concerts in Seoul for their MANIAC world tour. Naturally, the three days provided fans with incredibly memorable content and several viral moments. These are 10+ of them.

Stray Kids’ I.N, Lee Know, Felix, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Seungmin, and Bang Chan (left to right) | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

1. All the tears

Fans were touched by the overflow of emotions displayed by the members during the shows. Leader Bang Chan couldn’t hold back the tears, but luckily he had his team by his side.

Felix, in particular, was very emotional. Though fans would rather see him smile, they were happy that he was able to be vulnerable and show his many sides.

2. And all the comforting

Along with tears, came comfort. Felix was comforted by all of the members, including Han.

It’s evident that all of the members care for each other deeply.

3. The “Charmer” performance

STAYs were thrilled with the performance of the fan-favorite b-side “Charmer” that was complete with hard-hitting choreography…

…and teasing ab reveals…

…from Bang Chan, Felix, and I.N.

4. Even more abs

Outside of the “Charmer” performance, Han shocked fans by revealing his toned abs.

And Bang Chan did his iconic top-lifting move during “Victory Song.”

5. The dancing

Speaking of “Charmer,” Lee Know gained attention for his incredible dancing ability, specifically his precision when nailing the same choreography on different days.

6. The “Red Lights” performance

Fans loved the OT8 rendition of “Red Lights” (originally by Bang Chan and Hyunjin) for its sexy and mature vibes. It offers something different from many of Stray Kids’ songs.

It was almost too hot to handle.

7. The switch ups

There were many moments where the members proved that they’re multifaceted. I.N showcased his cute charms…

… but quickly switched it up.

8.  Hot visuals

All of the members showed their hotter than hot visuals throughout the concerts. Hyunjin stunned with his bright red hair, with some fans likening him to an anime character.

9. Unexpected talents

Seungmin showed off his fast AF reflexes when he accidentally caught a paper airplane that fans were flying as part of a project for the group.

Changbin decided to whip out his gymnastics tricks with a one handed cartwheel. Though he’s done it before, fans were still impressed.

10. A few small accidents

Han was accidentally hit by one of the project paper planes, but don’t worry, Lee Know was there to make sure he was okay. Kind of…

I.N also had a small accident, and his pants ripped during a performance. Luckily, he handled it like a professional.

11. Everyone carrying everyone

Bang Chan proved he’s the best leader by carrying the kids (except Felix, as to not aggravate his back injury).

He even carried Lee Know, who looked less than thrilled.

Changbin also helped with the carrying. When he noticed that Seungmin was crying alone, Changbin swiftly picked up and brought him to the rest of the group.

12. Their unbreakable bond

If one thing is certain, it’s the unbreakable bond Stray Kids have with each other. Throughout the concert they played with each other, comforted each other, and made sure STAYs had the best time possible.

They’re really so sweet.

Stray Kids

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