10+ Preppy Looks From TWICE’s Nayeon That Are Too Cute

She’s got a great sense of style!

Both on and off stage, TWICE’s Nayeon is always wearing the cutest outfit! While she can pull off any style, she looks especially gorgeous in a preppy look!

Here are 10+ stunning preppy looks from TWICE’s Nayeon:

1. Her casual look

Walking through the airport, Nayeon shows off her preppy style with some round frames and a cute knit sweater.

2. She’s a total cutie in pigtails

High pigtails always give cute school vibes.

3. Queen of headbands

Nayeon’s matching headband and shorts are too cute!

4. Love the three bows!

Nayeon’s cardigan and skirt definitely give off classy and scholarly vibes.

5. A pink look!

The beret completes the outfit.

6. We love a long blazer

Nayeon looks great in this simple yet classy outfit.

7. Sophisticated Nayeon

The cropped blazer and mini tie are perfect for a preppy look.

8. The cutest!

Her outfit is almost as cute as she is!

9. The mini-backpack

Her outfit from head to toe screams preppy!

10. The perfect on-campus look!

This looks like it can be worn in a college storyline based K-Drama.

11. Bold in red

Nayeon paired a nice red bag with a cute red plaid skirt!

12. Effortlessly cute

Nayeon looks adorable in anything she wears and this schoolgirl look is lovely on her.

13. Yellow plaid

Nayeon’s yellow plaid gives off major Cher from Clueless vibes, the icon of preppy fashion.

14. An oversized sweater is always a good move

Nayeon makes a casual outfit look incredibly stunning!


16. Her cute crew socks

There’s something about crew socks that make an outfit look preppy.

17. That smile is everything

Nayeon’s bright smile can put a smile on anyone’s face.

18. She’s edgy and preppy

A preppy look can be accessorized to be both edgy and scholarly.

19. Her beauty is out of this world

Nayeon looks like she’s ready to brighten everyone’s day.

20. Turtle necks!

Not many can pull off a turtle neck but Nayeon looks beautiful!

21. Preppy queen

Pearl earing, a headband, high socks, and a collared shirt definitely equals preppy.