10+ Stunningly Adorable Pictures Of IU Looking Like A Goddess While Simply Drinking Water

IU seems fitting enough to be the bride of a water god, especially at #6.

You know that a K-Pop idol is a total visual goddess when they can do the most mundane things and still manage to look stunning, as if they just came from the runway.

Here are 10+ pictures of superstar IU simply drinking water and simultaneously stealing hearts at the same time.

1. A great way to hydrate yourself after a workout

2. Gotta get those vocal chords nourished

3. Presenting to you: the bride of the water god

4. Who knew drinking water can be sexy?

5. IU’s charms prove why she was called “Korea’s Little Sister”


6. Her squishy cheeks after drinking just upgraded her level of cuteness

7. What a stunning goddess, indeed

8. This look makes her seem like a mermaid

9. Her drinking habit + glasses = perfection

10. More pictures of IU with blue hair for beach vibes

11. IU’s cuteness isn’t limited to her hairstyle

12. Her adorable smile whenever she drinks water can convince you to hydrate yourself, too

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