10+ Times IU Wore All-White Outfits And Successfully Convinced Us She’s Actually A Visual Queen With The Face Of An Angel

What’s the difference between IU and an angel? None, as these pictures, especially #6, prove.

There are three reasons why top-tier celebrity and popular K-Pop star IU is famous in the Korean entertainment scene.

First, it’s because of her superior honey voice, which can warm even the coldest of hearts — listening to IU sing is like drinking water and quenching your thirst on a warm, sunny day.

Second, due to her ideal body frame, every outfit she wears looks good on her, so she’s a total visual queen.

And finally, IU’s innocent face can charm anyone, especially when she’s wearing an all-white outfit that brings out her radiant skin: with these 10+ outfits of IU wearing an all-white ensemble, she can definitely charm everyone with her angelic charisma.

1. White off-shoulder top with adorable lace sleeves

This look seems to be made with IU’s personality in mind, as it manages to bring out her girly charms and her playful personality.

2. Long dress with a body-hugging figure

This all-white outfit makes IU look like a truly sophisticated lady. It’s also perfect because it’s such a classy style that managed to bring out IU’s nice curves.

3. Short lace dress with see-through sleeves

This is truly the perfect dress for IU’s short hairstyle. Her innocence shines through her outfit and she simply looks adorable.

4. Short, white dress printed with floral patterns

IU may be known as “Snow White” for her radiant skin that’s white as snow, but this doesn’t mean she can also be a visual queen because of this outfit.

5. White top with skirt, complete with a nice beret to accessorize

6. Shimmering white gown with shiny earrings and long, lustrous hair

Even though IU has no plans to get married yet, this look totally gives her fans a glimpse of what she’ll look like when she finally decides to tie the knot in the future.

7. Plain white shirt with denim pants

After all, who says angels can’t wear pants, too?

8. Long white gown with a belt in the middle

What’s amazing about these two outfits is the fact that even though they’re long, they don’t make it seem like IU’s petite frame is a disadvantage — in fact, the styles of her dresses make her seem more elongated and tall.

9. Angelic in a white halter-styled dress

10. Iconic costume in Hotel de Luna 

Aside from her trademark hairpin and intricate hairstyle, IU’s look became viral due to her white dress in her latest iconic K-Drama.

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