Top 10+ Ridiculously Cute Photos Of IU Wearing Glasses And Giving Off The Ultimate Girl Next Door Vibes

#1 and you will have a library date, while #10 is dangerously sexy and too much for your health.

The magical thing about IU is that because of her all-around amazing looks and her universally charming visuals…

…she seems like she can pull off any look and still look drop-dead gorgeous.

Sure, IU can pull off an all-black outfit and still look angelic…

…and yes, IU looks gorgeous while wearing a plain shirt…

…but will she still look like a beautiful princess even when she’s wearing glasses?

Check out this list and figure out the answer yourself — here are 10+ pictures of IU wearing glasses and giving off serious “girl-next-door” vibes!

1. Her go-to airport look is a pair of glasses to go with everything

Her short hair frames her face perfectly, and her round glasses make her look like an innocent college student who’s going on a trip!

2. Sexy in black

Who knew wearing a black shirt and pairing it with glasses can make you look sexy? IU’s stylist — that’s for sure.

3. Adorable green frames to accentuate her squishy cheeks

4. Long black hair, round glasses and red lipstick are an amazing combo

The glasses did well in doing their part — enhancing IU’s jawline and making her look like a sophisticated and elegant lady: the simpler, the better.

5. Is it okay to put her into your pocket?

6. Hip look for the modern woman

Since she’s already wearing a red-based lipstick, she didn’t need to wear red glasses anymore. This is better because the yellow spectacles made her light skin shine brighter.

7. Angels need glasses too, you know

This is a contrast to the round spectacles: since she’s wearing pointed glasses, the round of her face looks more prominent so she’s giving off serious UwU vibes in these pictures.

8. The critical point of this picture are her round eyes and equally round spectacles

9. Daily life of an office girl

10. Round glasses and curly hair

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