Here Are 10 Of The Tallest “Running Man” Guests

Some of them make Lee Kwang Soo look tiny!

Lee Kwang Soo‘s tall height is one of his most iconic traits, to the point where people constantly tease him about it on Running Man.

While Lee Kwang Soo’s height towers over the other cast members of Running Man, there have been plenty of guests who have done the same thing. Here are 10 of the tallest guests that appeared on Running Man.

#10. Lee Chun Hee

Lee Chun Hee (Left) & Lee Kwang Soo (Right)

Height: 188 cm

#9. Shin Sung Rok

Height: 189 cm

#8. Kim Tae Woo

Kim Tae Woo (Left) & Kim Jong Kook (Right)

Height: 190 cm

#7. Lee Ki Woo

Lee Ki Woo (Center)

Height: 190 cm

#6. Kim Yeon Koung

Kim Yeong Koung (Left) & Yoo Jae Suk (Right)

Height: 192 cm

#5. Julien Kang

Julien Kang (Left) & Lee Kwang Soo (Right)

Height: 194 cm

#4. Hyun Joo Yup

Haha (Left) & Hyun Joo Yup (Right)

Height: 195 cm

#3. Seo Jang Hoon

Seo Jang Hoon (Left)

Height: 207 cm

#2. Han Ki Bum

Han Ki Bum (Left) & Lee Kwang Soo (Right)

Height: 207 cm

#1. Choi Hong Man

Height: 218 cm

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