10 Things BTS’s Jin Said In The “Break The Silence” Docu-Series That Showed His Golden Personality

Read between the lines — you’ll see who he is.

BTS‘s Break The Silence docu-series dropped May 12, 2020 — and has since been making ARMYs ugly cry with all the feels. The series in seven wholesome episodes captured BTS members’ most recent thoughts on their lives, careers, and everything in between. Jin, in particular, shared a lot of insight throughout the series. Here are 10 things he said that inevitably showed the golden layers of his irresistible personality.

1. His Diligence

You know the saying about how putting in the effort eventually pays off? Well, I have never been really satisfied with myself, so I must continuously put in the effort.

— Jin

2. His Genuineness

Every one of us loves music. We love the stage. We love ARMYs. So we can always come to an agreement that we must keep going like this. We don’t want to quit. We want to keep making good music. We want to keep putting on performances.

— Jin

3. His Fears

You know, since I haven’t done this in a while, I did worry a bit. Like, ‘What if I mess up the dance?’ and ‘What if I forget the lyrics?’ So in my room, I looked over the words and ran through the movements one more time. But still, it’s hard to shake off the anxiety.

— Jin

4. His Vulnerability

Sometimes it feels overwhelming to meet up with people. I know that I haven’t changed at all. But sometimes people who have known me for a while start to drift away because they aren’t comfortable with me anymore. I lost a bunch of people like that… And losing them makes me sad.

— Jin

5. His Sincerity

I don’t even really want to be influential or anything serious like that. If anything, I only want the fans to be happy. I want to make them smile. That is more than enough for me.

— Jin

6. His Devotion

I try to show only my bright side on camera. I mean, the fans want to feel happy when they see me. Right? So if I were to break their hearts, it would in return break my heart. I wouldn’t be able to stand that. That’s why I want the fans to see the best of me. At least on TV.

— Jin

7. His Modesty

I honestly don’t think I’ve grown better at all. I have become more popular, yes… but I still don’t think I’m extremely talented or anything. I really don’t know how I can grow better.

— Jin

8. His Curiosity

I used to think writing songs had nothing to do with me. But the members really influenced me on this one. If the other BTS members didn’t write their own songs, I would not have come around to it either. I only became curious after they began doing their own things. It seemed possible for me too. Sometimes it does make you try new things by having the right people on your side.

— Jin

9. His Goodheartedness

At one point, the fans in the audience stopped looking at us and they began partying on their own. And I absolutely loved seeing that.

— Jin

10. His Happiness

There are different types of people in this world. And we all do different things. We all speak different languages. We all come from different cultures. But we share one thing — and that’s the feeling of happiness. We’re not all that different when it comes to this emotion. In fact, we’re quite similar in that we all pursue happiness and like the things that make us feel good. And I’m happy. I’m happy when I’m on stage… I’m happy when I’m playing games. I’m happy when I fish. Do you want to go fishing with me someday?

— Jin

Source: THEQOO

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