10 Things K-Pop Gave Us Unrealistic Expectations About

What do you mean my hair flip doesn’t look like Tzuyu’s?

1. That your make-up will look perfect all the time

Expectation? That.

Reality? This.

It just isn’t fair!


2. That hair flips will give you goddess status.

This one is entirely TWICE Tzuyu‘s fault! How can she look this amazing without even trying?


3. That you can wear the weirdest outfits ever and still look like royalty.

Just because BTS‘s Jin can get away with this, doesn’t mean everyone can…

…but that won’t stop us from trying!


4. That you can debut in a K-Pop group too!

Sadly, not everyone is born with the musical talent or star quality needed to make a career as an idol.

Even with a ton of ambition and practice, not everyone can be a member of the next hit K-Pop group.

That said, if you truly enjoy singing, dancing, or rapping then keep doing it. You’re already a star!


5. That aegyo can bend people to your will

Unfortunately, acting cute won’t help you get out of a speeding ticket, or get you a better grade on a test…



6. That your hair will stay healthy no matter how often you dye it.

Sure, EXO Sehun‘s rainbow hair looked awesome, but let’s be honest. By the end of that promotion period every strand on his head was screaming, “save me!”.


7. That you look adorable while stuffing your face

Not everyone looks like a super cute bunny rabbit while eating.

In fact, most of us probably look more like TWICE’s Naeyeon when she stuffed her mouth with ice cubes!


8. That you will be scouted on the street for your dashing good looks

Many K-Pop stars, like TWICE’s Sanagot their start after being approached by agency representatives out in public. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen too often, especially outside of Korea!


9. That your skin can be this flawless

We all know that many K-Pop stars have skin problems too, like acne and scarring, but in photos, music videos, and even in person, their skin looks so perfect that you can’t even see their pores.

Seriously, where are their pores?


10. That lip bites should be added to your flirting repertoire

Okay, there’s no denying that fans get completely wrecked when their bias does this…

…and this…

…and this…

…but in real life, for the average human being, lip bites can come off as being weird or creepy, if used at the wrong moment.

The same is true for winks!