BigHit Reveals The Reason Behind BTS Jin’s Spectacular Outfit For “Music Bank”

Jin had all of K-Pop talking about his outfit!

BTS arrived at the Music Bank for the rehearsal, where they participated in the standard photo-op before entering the broadcast station.


All of the members were looking as fashionable as ever, but one particular Worldwide Handsome man stole the show!


BTS’s Jin caught everyone’s eye with his all-white retro disco suit that sparkled in rhinestones and glitter. Take a look at those silver boots to match!


The same outfit was from BTS’s latest concept photoshoot for their album, “LOVE YOURSELF: Answer”.


Netizens and fans were all about Jin’s bold look as they praised him for his outstanding sense of style!


But some fans began to wonder, did Jin have to dress like that because he lost a dare? It certainly wouldn’t be the first time Jin had to dress up because of a game!

  • “Did he lose a bet?”
  • “It’s probably for a game that they filmed. We’ll find out soon.”


BigHit Entertainment spoke up to clarify that it wasn’t because of a game. It’s just Jin’s personality!

“Jin’s outfit today was a surprise event for his fans. He thought of it himself and showed up as he wanted.

Jin’s outfit is from BTS’s concept photos from comeback album “LOVE YOURSELF: Answer”. He decided to wear it all on his own.”

— BigHit Entertainment


Does it really surprise you, though? Jin’s always had his quirky ways of expressing his love for ARMYs!

Source: Star News