10+ Thirsty Tweets About BTS’s Jimin’s Wet Hair That’ll Make You Want To Drink Holy Water After Reading Them

#14 just said what everyone’s been thinking.

ARMYs are thirsty for BTS‘s Jimin due to different factors.

Some fans like his sexy and powerful dancing because he looks amazing whenever he performs with his “accidental” shoulder reveal moves.

Other ARMYs have a preference for Jimin’s sculpted abs — he became viral in South Korea and people started searching for “BTS no more dream abs” in the past, after all.

How about others? They are absolutely, undeniably, and irrevocably in love with Jimin and the way he looks like whenever he’s sporting a “wet hair” look.

Here are 10+ tweets that you may relate to on a spiritual level.

1. Jimin’s attacking, and he’s leaving no survivors

2. If looking at his wet hair pictures doesn’t make you feel things, you must be a robot

3. Based from this ARMY’s tweet, Jimin’s hair isn’t the only thing that’s wet…

…their foreheads are wet, too, because of extreme perspiration caused by Jimin’s hotness.

4. Wet hair + soulful voice + sexy dance = triple threat

5. The duality is extremely fast

He went from “I’ll take her home before curfew” to “your child calls me daddy, too” real quick.

6. If you haven’t seen Jimin with wet hair, are you really living a life worth living?

7. The only thing hotter than a drenched Jimin is a Jimin without his shirt on.

8. He’s a real-life anime protagonist

9. Go on, replay this video — no one’s judging you

10. A moment of silence for all the attacked ARMYs

11. Say “thank you, Big Hit”

12. Does he even know the power he holds just by styling his hair like this?

13. The audacity of this human

14. Here’s how soft stans differ from hard stans

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