10+ Times After School’s Nana Was A God-Tier Visual In The Prettiest Dresses

Nana in dresses is serving only top-tier visuals!

After School‘s Nana is a popular visual in K-Pop (having ranked #1 on TC Candler‘s 100 Most Beautiful Faces in 2014 and 2015!) and is well-known for her beautiful face and long legs! So here are 10+ times Nana was a god-tier visual in the prettiest dresses, and impressed everyone with her unreal proportions!

1. Nana in this gown is serving unreal visuals!


2. Body-line queen!


3. Her model-like proportions are gorgeous!


4. This gown looks amazing on her!


5. Such a pretty dress on such a pretty woman!


6. She’s killin’ it in this black dress!

7. This shimmery gown is so pretty on her!


8. Nana wears this floral dress so well!


9. Visual queen!


10. Nana is serving sexy visuals in this red dress!


11. Nana in gowns is a superior concept!


12. Nana in photoshoots is everything!


13. This golden dress looks so good on her!

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14. Nana in this polka-dotted dress is so pretty!


15. Her visuals are incredible!