These 10+ Times AOA’s Seolhyun Wore A Black Dress Will Convince You That It’s Her Best Look Yet

Seolhyun in black dresses is a superior concept!

AOA‘s Seolhyun is a gorgeous woman, but her visuals somehow get even lovelier in a black dress! Here are 10+ times Seolhyun wore a black dress, and it will convince you that black dresses should be her signature look!

1. Even her casual dresses look so good on her!


2. She gives such sophisticated vibes!


3. She looks so cute in this dress!


4. Seolhyun in this gown was such a legendary look!


5. She’s slaying in this gown too!


6. She’s a whole cutie in this dress!


7. Such an elegant queen!


8. When Seolhyun wore this black dress to the airport, she definitely turned many heads with her beauty!


9. Seolhyun is really out here serving looks!


10. Queen of proportions!


11. She looks so pretty in this dress!


12. This black dress totally does Seolhyun’s long legs justice!


13. “Bing Bing” era Seolhyun was so iconic!


14. Her visuals shine in this dress!