10+ Times Apink’s Naeun Made Our Jaws Drop In The Sexiest Stage Outfits

She’s a visual goddess!

Apink‘s Naeun is such a pretty idol! She exudes grace and charisma everytime she’s on stage, and her performances are wholly completed by the prettiest stage outfits! Apink as a group has been growing steadily since their debut, and have been branching out into more mature concepts, and fans are here for them! Here are 10 times Naeun donned the sexiest stage outfits, and looked like a whole queen!


1. Red Crop Top and Pants



2. Black Crop Top and Shorts


3. Red Crop Top and Pants With Shearling Jacket


4. Black Leather Dress


5. White Slip and Skirt


6. Pink Dress


7. Sparkly Red Dress


8. Yellow-Patterned Crop Top and Black Pants


9. White Netted Dress


10. Sparkly Red Crop Top and Shorts


11. Silver Romper