Here Are 10 Times ATEEZ’s Yunho Proved He’s One Of The Best Dancers Of His Generation

His talent truly stands out.

ATEEZ‘s Yunho is one of his generation’s most dynamic dancers, and it says a lot about his talent that, even in a group full of incredible performers, his dancing still stands out. While he is known as the group’s ‘Golden Retriever’ due to his warm personality, he is so versatile as a performer that he can pull off any concept with ease, which is why he truly deserves to go viral. Though this list is by no means exhaustive, here are 10 times Yunho proved he’s one of the leading dance talents of his generation!


1. When he killed this move in “Deja Vu”

“Deja Vu” is sexy from start to finish, but this move by Yunho is the one true highlight.

| ATEEZ/Youtube

2. When he danced to EXO’s “The Eve”

ATEEZ absolutely nailed EXO’s “Growl” when they covered it before debut, but Yunho did not come to play with “The Eve.”


3. When his members said they relied on him for his dance skills

Yunho is always there to lend help to his members when it comes to choreographies, and they have remarked in the past that his ability to learn choreographies quickly and lead the team through them is extremely helpful.

| AZBoy/YouTube

| AZBoy/YouTube

4. When he and Mingi did a flawless cover of NCT U’s “Boss”

These two are a true dynamic duo, and when they dance together one can see how they bring out the best in each other.

| dingo music/YouTube

5. When this happened

No words, just Yunho’s moves.

| AZBoy/YouTube

6. And this!

It is moments like this fan-taken video of Yunho that really show the level at which ATEEZ performs!

| AZBoy/YouTube

7. When he did a freestyle on Weekly Idol

Perhaps the best way to show off one’s skills, this freestyle left the hosts in awe.

8. When he did a solo choreography predebut

All of ATEEZ’s predebut choreographies as the KQ Fellaz are gold, but Yunho was main dancer material from the beginning and this solo proves it.

9. When he ruled the “Fireworks” era

“Fireworks” is an incredibly dynamic song, and Yunho’s stage presence throughout it was a true standout.

| Mnet K-Pop

10. When ATEEZ performed “Symphony No.9 “From The Wonderland”

ATEEZ outdid themselves in all their performances on the survival show Kingdom: Legendary War, but Yunho’s moments in “Symphony No.9 “From The Wonderland” were something else.

| Mnet K-Pop