Here Are 10 Times Bang PD Showed His Love For BTS Over The Years

He’s the biggest ARMY of all!

Everyone knows that Bang PD has been there for BTS since the very beginning. Through all of the group’s up and downs, both him and the boys have forged their own path in the industry together.

While Bang PD has stepped down as the CEO of HYBE, there’s no denying that he will still be a big part of the company’s foundation and keep on taking care of the boys he has brought up!

So, let’s remember 10 of the most iconic ways Bang PD has shown his support for BTS over the years:

1. When He Believed In Them Since Pre-Debut

Back in 2018, BTS won the title of Artist Of The Year at the MAMAs. When they went onstage to receive their award, RM expressed his gratitude for Bang PD by sharing the story of how he had told the boys that he believed they had the potential to win the grand prize even before their debut in 2014.

2. When He Wrote This Letter

A month before BTS’s third anniversary, Bang PD gave BTS a very heartfelt letter, detailing how far they have already come and how he hopes to look them in the eye in three years and thank them for staying by his side and allowing him to dream.

3. When He Bought Merch At Their Concert

ARMYs were shocked when Bang PD showed up at a BTS concert and acted like a normal fan rather than the company’s CEO. He even waited in line with everyone else to buy merch and took selfies with people!

4. When He Held *This* Meeting

During part of BTS Burn The Stage: The Movie, this meeting between Bang PD and BTS after winning a Billboard award went viral because it showed how much he cared about the group’s happiness and their love for music.

5. When He Celebrated Dynamite’s Billboard Success

When Bang PD received a phone call from BTS after “Dynamite” was number one on the Billboard chart for two weeks, he became extremely emotional and even began to cry tears of joy!

6. When He Got Onstage At The 2018 Seoul Music Awards

Bang PD won producer of the year at the 2018 Seoul Music Awards, and even had BTS get up onstage with him to accept the honor! As he went up to the microphone, he teared up and looked back at them with pride.

7. When He Told The Story Of How They Met

During an interview on the KBS show Good Insight, Bang PD began his lecture by telling the story of how he met BTS and had strong hopes for them because all seven members had their own unique skills and talents.

8. When He Went To London For Them

One part of the Break The Silence documentary showed how Bang PD travelled all the way to London, England to watch them perform at Wembley Stadium!

9. When He Listened To Their Concerns

On Rookie King: Channel Bangtan episode four, BTS got up on a platform and made confessions to their staff members, most of which were aimed at Bang PD himself! However, the light atmosphere and joking nature of the whole thing made it clear that Bang PD and BTS are extremely close.

10. When He Did An Album Unboxing

Bang PD did a multiple-part unboxing of BTS’s Love Yourself: Tear album with Pdogg, one of the group’s other producers. ARMYs loved how he slowly went through all of his contents, even happily chuckling to himself here and there throughout the video.

What’s your favorite Bang PD and BTS moment?