10 Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie Wore The Cutest Crop Tops On Stage… And Left Us Breathless

Such a babe!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie boasts one gorgeously slender figure — and she knows exactly how to work that bod. Since day one, she has been wowing us ceaselessly with her super cute stage outfits. And as a total fashion queen, Jennie always has us chasing her trendy styles. Here are 10 times she modeled the crop top look and we’ve been 200% sold on it.

1. This Unbalanced Frill Crop

This outfit is all black and white, but Jennie made it pop with her own color.

2. This Iconic Gucci Crop

Has anyone seen yellow look this fierce?

3. This Bling-In-Your-Face Crop

We can’t decide what’s shinier, Jennie’s totally blinged out top or her glow in that top!

4. This Edgy Black-Pink Crop

It’s insane how this soft baby pink outfit on Jennie suddenly gets that charismatic edge to it.

5. This Warrior Goddess Crop

We surrender!

6. This Elegant Lace Crop

Jennie did Chanel proud in this elegant lace crop. It’s a classy-sexy, which is on brand for her.

7. This Exotic Fishnet Crop

The bold floral prints on this crop top give Jennie an adventurous vibe.

8. This Classic Ribbon Crop

This, everyone, is how timeless outfits are born.

9. This Chic & Sophisticated Tweed Crop

Jennie dropped a million jaws in this sophisticated tweed crop, highlighting her fresh new hair.

10. This Tropical Print Crop

In this beautiful puff-sleeve tropical crop, Jennie is summer, personified.

Source: THEQOO