10+ Times BLACKPINK’s Rosé And Lisa Were Besties With Legs For Days

The cutest besties!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa and Rosé have the cutest friendship and ridiculously long legs! When side by side, the two look like striking models strutting down the runway! While Lisa and Rosé are the youngest in the group, they definitely are the tallest!

1. When they were the cutest at Universal Studios

Lisa and Rosé once spent a day off at Universal Studios and showed off their long and slender legs!

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

2. Long-legged queens!

Rosé and Lisa have the cutest friendship and the longest legs!

3. Their proportions are amazing!

Rosé and Lisa have endless legs and they make everyone envious!

4. They look amazing even when they’re simply walking

Their lean figure makes them look like their walking in a fashion show

5. This pic is everything!

While everyone looks stunning, it’s hard not to notice Lisa and Rosé’s never-ending legs!

| @gahee_v/Instagram

6. It’s always easy to spot them

Even from a distance, Lisa and Rosé look tall and stunning!

7. Their side profile is gorgeous

Their legs look even longer from the side view!

8. Lisa and Rosé’s friendship is too cute!

These two take the cutest most aesthetic photos together. From their adorable poses to their slender legs, they melt all BLINK’s hearts.


9. The maknaes being the tallest is precious

The fact that Lisa and Rosé are the youngest members of the group yet the tallest makes their friendship even more precious.

| @ksy83s/Instagram

10. They can depend on each other!

Rosé might be taller than Lisa but she can always lean on her!

11. Of course, Lisa can depend on Rosé too!

We live for moments like this!


12. They’re unreal

Lisa and Rosé are so beautiful they always look like their moving in slow motion!

13. This photo really confirms their tall physique

There’s no denying their long legs and height with this photo!

14. Jennie and Jisoo are soo adorable!

While Lisa and Rosé’s legs can easily reach the ground, the group’s unnies are barely touching the floor. This picture is too cute.


15. Strutting and Running in style!

These two look great walking or running!

| blackpinkupdate
| blackpinkupdate

16. They are so fierce

While these two have the most charming and sweet personalities, they instantly turn on their fierce charisma when they hit the stage.

| @blackpinkofficial/Instagram

17. Their pictorials are the best!

With their long legs, these two queens are actual models! No matter what they wear, they look amazing.



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