10+ Times BLACKPINK’s Rosé Showed Off Her Tall, Lithe Figure In A Simple Pair Of Jeans

She’s killin’ it with her visuals!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is a vocal and visual goddess, who’s well-known for her incredible taste in style as well! She’s also got a tall, lithe figure with legs for days, and they look even longer in a pair of jeans! Here are 10+ times Rosé had fans in love with her amazing figure, showing it off in just a pair of jeans!

1. Rosé is the queen of skinny jeans!


2. But she rocks flared jeans just as well!


3. She looks amazing in loose, wide jeans!


4. She looks gorgeous in ripped jeans!


5. She has an amazing waist-to-hip ratio!


6. She’s killin’ it in this all-black outfit!


7. Her casual visuals are amazing!


8. This casual outfit is a look!


9. Rosé needs to bring this suit outfit back!


10. Her proportions are insane!


11. She has the brightest smile!


12. What beautiful visuals!


13. She’s killin’ it in this denim-on-denim look!


14. A beauty in skinny jeans (ft. Lisa)!


15. Rosé’s so beautiful!